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f AND ff:

Bible references, or citations, are usually given in the order of book, chapter, and verse. The verse number is usually separated from the chapter-number by a colon or a period.

“Isaiah 53:6” and “Isaiah 53.6” both mean Isaiah, chapter 53, verse 6. “Romans 3.6-10” means Romans chapter 3, verses 6 through 10.

We were recently asked about the use of “f” and “ff” which we sometimes use in our scriptural references. These two notations, “f” and “ff,” are a short, convenient, and widely used way to abbreviate a Biblical citation.

“f” means “and the following verse.” For example, “Genesis 3.15f” means Genesis, chapter 3, verses 15 and 16, which is also sometimes written, “Genesis 3.15-16” or “Genesis 3:15-16”.

“ff” means “and the following verses.” “ff” implies at least two or more verses. For example, “Acts 2.23ff” means Acts chapter 2, verses 23 and the following verses – at least two verses, through the 25th verse, but maybe more. Usually, the citation's context itself will clarify how many more verses are meant.

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