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It would be a sad state of affairs if eternal salvation depended upon either having a copy of the scriptures or the Church to explain the truth of the Bible to us. Yes! we have something better than that. It is GRACE!

("The Hardshell Baptist" July,1987)


The Editor of "The Hardshell Baptist" has more than once shot his arrows at those who hold to the absolute predestination of all things. We stand in no dread of them, as they all fall short of the mark. We reply to the above quote for only one reason. It is worded to deceive the unsuspecting, and pretends to pass the notion that he believes that grace alone saves from sin.

Remove the word, "eternal" from the above quote and you will never see it in the "Hardshell." Or, if you changed the word eternal to "time" you would never see it in his paper. Simply put, he believes that salvation for eternity is by grace, but salvation in time is all up to the sinner, because it is CONDITIONAL!!!

Let him deny it if he will ... or dare. This he cannot do and stay in the "Time-Salvation" camp. What a great blessing we have, that cans join with Jonah and say, "Salvation is of the Lord" and not have to doctor his statement with any qualifying words, as "time", or "eternal." "Salvation is of the Lord." Rejoice little remnant, for Jesus shall save his people from their sins-for time and eternity. Amen!


The Remnant
August - September 1987