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Every once in awhile we begin to feel a little ashamed at the severe manner we employ to describe the enemies of Truth. We honestly confess that at no time do we use strong language to assail the persons; it is their evil doctrines we aim at.

Should any consider that we transgress against these purveyors of error, we would here submit a small sampling of the language of the Bible to describe these opponents of truth. There is more than our space will allow, but the following should be sufficient.

Brute beasts (II Peter 2.12, Jude 10); whited sepulchers (Matthew 23.27); filthy dreamers (Jude 8); cursed children (II Peter 2.14); evil men and seducers (II Timothy 3.13); enemies of the cross (Philippians 3.18); dogs (Philippians 2.2); ravening wolves (Matthew 7.15, 10.16); vipers (Matthew 3.7, 12.34); false apostles, deceitful workers (II Corinthians 11.13); unreasonable and wicked men (II Thessalonians 3.2); mockers (Jude 18); liars and perjured persons (I Timothy 1.10); slow bellies (Titus 1.12).

As one writer opined some years ago, "Soothing syrup may do for peevish children; but an iron tonic is needed for hardened assailants."

J. F. Poole
The Remnant
Volume 9, No. 4 - July-August, 1995