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A "Reverend" writes.

On a xerox copy of what appeared to be a "Sunday-school" lesson the following two comments were hand-written and mailed to us.

Primitives deny scriptural means by mystical pantheism, any experience is valid. (3-3-89)

Mr. P., I thought the Lord gave me a good friend?! Anyway, thanks for warning me! I have been delivered from fatalistic hypocrictes (P.B.s)! Thanks! Please take me off your mailing list as I see too many verses out of context.



Over a period of months we received a number of letters from E., and at first thought he was being taught of the Lord. However, when E. informed us he wanted to be baptized and preach for the Primitive Baptist, we felt obliged to apprise him of the wide differences that existed in his views and ours. A cooling off soon occurred, and E. wrote less frequently, until we finally got this last epistle.

Included in this letter was E.'s calling card describing himself as an evangelist, a master of divinity, and a reverend. If that is a part of his experience then contrary to what he says in his first quote, that we will accept any experience as valid, we doubt there is a Primitive Baptist church in this nation that would accept him based on his claims.

We assume we are the "fatalistic hypocrites" that E. has been delivered from, though we deny being a fatalist. As to the verses being out of context, nothing in this paper has ever been as far removed from context as the gaudy title of reverend has been wrested from its proper use that E. has labeled himself with.


The Remnant
May - June 1989