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EDITORIAL: "Gone to seed"

When the enemies of truth cannot abide the preaching of the servants of The Most High a common complaint is that the preacher has "gone to seed." We expect nothing better from the conditionalists and other work-mongers, as their father has filled their mouths and hearts with such invectives and similar ignomious accusations; and use them they will.

We do hope for something better from those inside Zion's walls; but alas; word has come to us from several quarters that a dear Elder in the state of Texas is being complained of as having "gone to seed" on predestination! The ones who have so freely remarked on this Elder's preaching are those we feel to be brethren in the Lord, unless we are mistaken. Our comments here are not designed to vilify them, nor to involve ourselves in the affairs of that distant state; rather, we hope to examine the matter in the light of the Word of God and good order, for these charges have been flung at us as well more than a few times.

First, if those who believe a servant of the Lord has strayed in his preaching would go to him directly and not broadcast far and wide much sorrow might be avoided. This we seldom see.

Second, if the ones who feel a minister has gone to seed on some point would pause and ask themselves one question, the whole matter might be resolved. The question is this: is the doctrinal subject under consideration a true Bible doctrine? Put plainer, can the doctrine be refuted? If it cannot, then it does not matter how much it might be propounded by this or that "seedy" preacher. A true doctrine cannot be preached too often or extolled too widely! We ask, who dare attempt to decide how much or little another's servant promote the glorious truths of his Master? If God has called a man to preach, then what sinful worm of the dust dare call in question how often he can preach His Master's doctrine? We are led to suspect that it is not so much a question of how often the doctrine of predestination is being preached, but rather that it is being preached at all.

We might be able to understand a bit of commotion among the ministers if one had begun promoting a limited, or non-causitive form of predestination; but saying he went to seed on a true doctrine is beyond belief. For our part we had sooner hear the same sermon, word for word, so long as it was truth, every meeting than to hear one sermon tainted with works.

Where are the complainers when the doctrine of predestination is flatly denied from the pulpit? We heard one preach in Texas that a speeding ticket prevented him from arriving on time, but that the ticket, nor the speeding was predestinated; that God did not have anything to do with it. Not a voice was raised in protest to such a rank departure from Old School doctrine. Yet many of the same ones that heard such racket and remained silent are now bellowing that a brother has "gone to seed" for attempting to defend the truth from such cowardice (or possible complicity).

In a day when there is much said about high assurance of salvation (little less than pure arminian presumption) on the one hand, and a pleading for prayer meetings to save the dying Old School Churches on the other, it is to us no marvel that a brother would become burdened with a zeal to extoll the glorious sovereignty of our God, and cry out from the pulpit time after time "The Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth". It would be less than honest if he professed that wonderous truth, and then shunned to preach it, lest the champions of error be offended.

Merciful God, show pity on Zion for our dear Redeemer's sake.

Elder James Poole

The Remnant
October - November 1987