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A brother whom we highly esteem was recently in communication with one of the leading Conditionalist minister and editors. He was told many things about the ’heresy" of absolute predestination awl those who hold it, particularly the Welsh Tract Baptist Church. He told this brother, who is not a Primitive Baptist, that by the year 2000 all the ’absoluters“ would be dead and the world would be better off for it. We regret to inform this ’editor“ that we must disagree with him. If all of these scurrilous heretics are dead by his timetable, the world will not be better off, but rather burned up. We have no desire to state that God’s people will always be known as Primitive Baptists, but those that believe the doctrine they hold dear will be here until the end of time. We wonder why, if these despised few are dying so quickly, this man would make them worthy of his consideration. Is it not because those who deny the Absolute Predestination of all things cannot bear the thought that even one person might believe it.

The Welsh Tract Baptist Church stands where it has always stood, on the sureness of God’s decree of all things. We have not changed through the years. Can any conditionalist say as much?

We would not have noticed this except for the calumny cast upon our Church. The enemies of truth continue to foam out rage at any who profess the doctrine in question. Other remarks were made of a more personal nature against us, but we will forbear commenting upon them. We simply pray that the Lord will open the blind eyes, particularly of those who claim to be the most loving. Isn’t it strange that those who say they love everyone hate those who profess Absolute Predestination?

R.N. Lackey
The Remnant
Volume 1, No. 4
June - July, 1987