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BROTHER BEEBE: - Having been particularly requested to send you for publication the subjoined call and invitation, together with my answer, I, for the satisfaction of Brethren concerned, and for the sake of informing my numerous correspondents, that after the 8th of April, my residence and place of address will be near Fairfax Court House, Virginia, if providence prosper my intentions, comply with the request.


The Frying Pan & Mount Pleasant Churches Fairfax County, Va. – To Elder Samuel Trott, Pastor of the Welsh Tract Church, New Castle County, Del., send Greetings:

VERY DEAR BROTHER: – This is to inform you that we have by an unanimous vote at our respective Church Meeting of business, chosen you as our Pastor; and you are to receive this as our joint call.

The Ebenezer Baptist Church, Loudoun County, Va. – To Elder Samuel Trott, &c., sendeth Greetings:

VERY DEAR BROTHER: – This is to inform you that at a special meeting, called for the purpose on Wednesday, March the 6th, we unanimously agreed to invite you to commence preaching for us, conjointly with your commencing to preach for the above named Churches, with the understanding that we will settle the call with you in due form, after you come on.

Signed, in behalf, and by order of the above named Churches, by:
February 7, 1833.

To the Frying Pan, and Mount Pleasant Baptist Churches, Fairfax County, Va.

BELOVED BRETHREN: – Having received your joint call, signed in your behalf by our beloved Brother Wm. Gilmore, and bearing date, Feb.7th, 1833, to become your Pastor, having from the commencement of a correspondence on this subject, endeavored to commit the case unto the Lord, and prayerfully to watch the unfoldings of his providence relative thereto, and having from thence been led to the conclusion that the Lord designed my coming among you – that he was teaching me to go in that way, and guiding me with his eye thereunto, agreeable to an application of Psalms 32:8, to me, in an hour of much agitation of mind on this subject; and having also laid the subject before the Welsh Tract Church, of which I was then Pastor, and obtained on Lord’s day, March 3, their unanimous consent to resign my pastoral relation with them, that I might accept your call.

I therefore, hereby certify my acceptance of the call, you have been led, I hope through the influence of the Holy Spirit, to give me, praying that the presence of God may go with me, if he bring me to settle among you, and that his grace may enable me with faithfulness, and in love, to labor among you in words and doctrine, and to Minister unto you Spiritual comfort and edification, according to the measure of gifts he has been pleased to bestow upon me, for the work of the ministry.

To the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Loudoun County, Va.

BELOVED BRETHREN: – I hereby certify my acceptance of your invitation, through our much esteemed Brother Wm. Gilmore, the authorized organ of communication between us, to commence preaching statedly for you, on the days of your monthly meetings, connectively, with my commencing with the Frying Pan & Mount Pleasant Churches, leaving it with the Great Head of the Church to direct, as shall be most for your good, and his own glory, whether I shall in due time become regularly your Pastor or not.

I would further state, that if providence permit, I shall be with each Church on the Saturday, and Lord’s day, of your respective monthly meetings in April, commencing with the Frying Pan Church, the second Lord’s day.

In testimony whereof, I subscribe myself, though unworthy, your servant for Christ’s sake.


Signs of the Times
Volume 1, No. 10.
April 10, 1833