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Occoquan, Va., Jan. 25, 1881

DEAR BROTHER BEEBE: – It seems important for the order of the gospel and the welfare of the cause of truth among the colored brethren, that our churches at a distance from this vicinity, should be informed through the SIGNS of the recognition, by our churches, of Zion Church, of Washington, D. C. About three years ago our churches withdrew fellowship from Beulah, a church among the colored people in Washington, D. C., formerly recognized by us. The withdrawal of fellowship was on account of the disorder of Beulah Church and her pastor, Elder John Bell. The Zion Church is composed of members who withdrew from Beulah on account of said disorder. A council was held in Washington, Dec. 30, 1879, composed of messengers from the churches in this vicinity, including the Shiloh Church, of Washington, D. C., and the Alexandria Church of Alexandria, Va. This council, after a careful consideration of the subject, and an examination of the articles of faith and order held by the members seeking recognition, and of their moral character, unanimously concluded to recommend their recognition as an orderly Primitive Baptist Church. This recommendation was based upon the principle that they were really the Beulah Church, to the exclusion of the disorderly party, though they had deemed it proper to change their name from Beulah to Zion. The recommendation of the council was adopted by our churches, and the Zion Church is recognized by our churches in this vicinity. It seems proper that this brief notice should be published in the SIGNS, not only for the good name and standing of the Zion Church, but to prevent an imposition upon our brethren at a distance by some who may claim our name and yet have no standing among us, and for whom we have no fellowship whatever.

Yours in gospel fellowship,

Signs of the Times
Volume 49, No. 5.
March 1, 1881