As with most of the articles on this site, these are here for their historical value. Please do as Scripture exhorts and test all things no matter who wrote it!

  1. A Letter to the Signs  Written in 1836
  2. A Letter to Elder Daniel Parker   Written in 1829 (Added: 5/20/09)
  3. AUTOBIOGRAPHY of Elder Wilson Thompson
  4. Autobiography This is a digitized copy of the actual book put in pdf format. It is over 50mb in size. (Added: 10/19/14)
  5. Benevolent & Missionary Socities   The first letter written in to the Signs of the Times. (Added: 7/2/13)
  6. Brethren in Disorder   The work of reclaiming brethren in disorder. (Added: 7/2/13)
  7. Children of God and Anti-Christ   Correspondence – December 16, 1857 (Added: 7/2/13)
  8. Circular Letter - 1832   The Kingdom of Christ (Added: 11/11/16)
  9. Circular Letter - 1851   The eternal union of the bridegroom and His bride. (Added: 11/11/16)
  10. Cloudy Days – Trials   “The conflicts which beset Zion’s pilgrims in the deserts of this world are often heavy;...” (Added: 10/23/13)
  11. I Corinthians 13:8-13   “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.” (Added: 11/11/16)
  12. Faith   Hebrews 11:1 (Added: 7/2/13)
  13. Heirs Of Promise   These heirs are the minority. (Added: 11/11/16)
  14. Leter to Elder David Bartley   Encouraging thoughts to a brother. (Added: 11/11/16)
  15. Means vs. Anti-Means   Correspondence – January 27, 1847 (Added: 7/2/13)
  16. Modern Movements   Some thoughts on this subject. (Added: 11/11/16)
  17. New Order of Religion   Some thoughts on this group. (Added: 11/11/16)
  18. Number 1   Correspondence – January 25, 1836 (Added: 7/2/13)
  19. Of Free Justification  By the blood and righteousness of Christ.
  20. Simple Truth   Eight short discourses on the system of salvation.
  21. Sonship of All the Saints   Circular Letter – 1836(Added: 7/2/13)
  22. Report From The West   Letter about his travels (Added: 11/11/16)
  23. Resurrection of the Body, The   Written in 1848 (Updated: 11/15/13)
    • Comments   on the above article by Tom Adams (Added: 5/13/10)
  24. Salvation by GRACE - not works!   Some thoughts on this topic. (Added: 8/14/13)
  25. Salvation is by Faith   Some thoughts on this topic. (Added: 8/20/13)
  26. Sin   “I am the same old sinner – older, but no better than I was last year.” (Added: 11/15/13)
  27. Travels   Some comments on his travels. (Added: 11/01/13)
  28. Truth and Error   “I have long preached and believed that there are both truth and error on the earth,...” (Added 9/20/13)
  29. Two Adams, The   Written in 1848 (Updated: 11/01/13)
  30. The Triumphs of Truth OR The Scripture: A Sure Guide to Zion's Pilgrims; (Updated: 09/12/14)
  31. Treachery of So-Called Brethren   (Added: 7/2/13)
  32. Worst of Enemies, The   “These I say are the most dangerous foes we have...” (Added: 8/22/13)