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The Gospel

When all is said and done there is only one message for the saints to live on, and that is the death, burial and resurrection of our dear Saviour, Jesus the Son of God. Before there was a world or sin, Christ stood as a Lamb slain – slain to offer Himself to the justice of His Father that the elect sons might live eternally as a bride adorned for her husband. This we call the gospel. What others may call it, we care but little.

There is very little today that could pass for good news to the lambs of God except that which flows from the Eternal throne as a pure river of water of life. Sin, strife, personal corruptions, and countless other trials beset the heavenly footmen. Were it not for an occasional word dropped into our hearts to say, "all is well," we could well nigh fall into despair, for, mark it well, the world cares not for you. Should we expect otherwise?

The Remnant
Volume 2, No. 4
May - June 1988