As with most of the articles on this site, these are here for their historical value. Please do as Scripture exhorts and test all things no matter who wrote it!

  1. A Chapter of Questions   One hundred thought provoking questions! (Added: 9/20/13)
  2. A Letter   To the Primitive Baptists and All that Love the Truth. by R.H. Boaz.
  3. And They Brought Little Children Unto Him   H. L. Rogers (Added: 1/1/12)
  4. Another Gospel   Some comments on this topic by Elder John Watson. (Added: 08/29/2013)
  5. Another Jesus – A very good article by Tom Jackson   (Added: July 8, 2007)
  6. Believer’s Rule of Life, The   by William Huntington (1745-1813) – (It is quite big, but worth the little wait!)
  7. Black Rock Address, The   September 28, 1832
  8. Black Rock Address – Appendage of 1837, The   Additional Remarks (Added: 1/6/11)
  9. Blessedness Of The Hungry, The   Unknown author – A Soldier 1835   (Added: 9/26/08)
  10. Celestial Railroad, The   An Old School Baptist allegory written by: Nathaniel Hawthorne – taken from “The History of the Church of God” by Elder Hassell pgs 951-963
  11. Cleansing Of Leprous Sinners   Daniel Smart – 1847 – Zion’s Witness   (Added: 9/28/10)
  12. Colossians 2:8   A reply to this verse by Elder Leachman
  13. Communion, The   Taken from “Primitive Baptist Faith and Practice”
  14. Contest of 1886-89, The - A book written and compiled by Elder William Smoot in 1929. Some “old schoolers” were attempting to reconcile with the “new schoolers” without a change in doctrine or order, thus the contest ensued! A MUST read!!!
  15. Conditional Time Salvation – Is it the Truth?  By Elder R.H. Boaz – 1897
  16. Eternal Vital Unity, The   Stewart McColl (Added: 1/1/12)
  17. Glorious Blessing and Privileges of Eternal Vital Union in Christ Jesus, The   A message given in 1884 by James Battersby (Added: 12/18/08)
  18. GOBABS!   The God of Billboards and Bumper Stickers. by Zaphon
  19. God’s Absolute Predestination   A letter by Elder C.H. Byrd sent in to the Signs of the Times, Feb. 1948   (Added: 9/1/07)
  20. Gospel, The   Short but sweet
  21. Hardshell   Elder Chick answers the question as to where this term came from. (Added: 11/27/10)
  22. Heavenly Birth, The   Elder R. C. Leachman – November 19, 1867 (Added: 12/27/10)
  23. His People   By William Tiptaft (1803-1864)
  24. Jeremiah 1:3-4   On the Absolute Predestination of God
  25. Luke 14:14 “For Thou Shalt Be Rcompensed At The Resurrection Of The Just.” (Added: 11/10/16)
  26. My Great-Grandfather’s Knife   By Elder T.S. Dalton – 1928
  27. Old Baptist Test or Bible Signs of the Lord’s People, The   This is a scanned version of the actual book. Therefore it is much larger than the version below. – (220 mb) (Added: 10/21/14)
  28. Old Baptist Test or Bible Signs of the Lord’s People, The   This is a typed version. Therefore it is much smaller than the version above. – (1.5 mb) (Added: 10/21/14)
  29. Pearls Taken From The Deep   A short answer to an important question on the doctrine of election and predestination - Gospel Advocate 1881   (Added: 1/23/09)
  30. Perseverance   Elder William VanHorn – Circular Letter
  31. Planting of the Lord That He Might Be Glorified, The   James Orimston of Bristol – 1891 (More truth on the Eternal Vital Unity) (Added: 11/8/08)
  32. Quotes from William Tiptaft’s Biography   By J.C. Philpot
  33. Reply to Parson Benedict   Differences between Old School and New School from Elder John Watson. (Added: 08/29/2013)
  34. Separate Baptists   Signs of the Times – 1843 (Elder John Watson) (Added: 08/29/2013)
  35. Teeth To Teeth   Tom Thumb Tugging With The Wolves For The Sheepskin (Added: 1/1/12)
  36. Tie That Binds, The   A Study in Predestination. By: Cleve Brantley – EXCELLENT!
  37. Thoughts On Missions   Elder John Taylor - 1819 - Pre Signs Of The Times and Black Rock Address! (Added: 12/26/10)
  38. Thoughts on the Greatness of God   Signs of the Times: Vol. 164, No. 12 – December 1996 by Troy Shepard
  39. * Trial of Job *   A writing on the book of Job!    The BEST writing that I have read on this exceptional book in the Bible! TA (471 KB)
  40. Two Seed Doctrine   Elder Durand refuting the heresy of the "Parker Two Seed Doctrine!"
  41. Union Of Christ And The Church, The   J. S. Anderson – January 1866 (Added: 1/1/12)
  42. Union With Christ   Thomas Case - The Gospel Standard - 1874 (Added: 11/10/16)
  43. Uppermost Bough, The   Isaiah 17:6 – written in 1904 in “The Earthen Vessel”
  44. Virginian   A treatise contrasting the difference in an allegory between the world's religion (Catholic, Arminian, etc.) and the true religion of scripture.
  45. Why I am Not A Calvinist   By Elder John Wingfield.