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The images below were shared with me and I thought I would share them on the site so that you might be able to put a face to a name. If you click on an image it will open up a larger image in a new window. To close the image either click on it or click the "X" in the top right corner. In Some of the images the people are not known, so if you know who is in an image that doesn’t have a description please email me that information. - Tom

John Peters from Centralia, WA - Son of Elder Peters

Elders W. D. Griffin & D. V. Spangler

Salisbury, October 1956
Elders: Ayers, Bellows, Bennett,
Croker, Denson, Jones, Lambert,
Ruston, Slausen, Taylor, Weaver, Wood, Bro. Warren.

Welsh Tract after meeting.

Outside Welsh Tract, 2001 - The ordination of Salvador Borras.

Elder Stewart McColl, Viola McColl, Peggy Poole, Elder Jim Poole.

Elder John Lee Smith and Delma Smith

Elders Marvin Fulton and Jim Poole - October 1997

Elder Marvin Fulton and his wife Dora - October 1997

Elder Marion Roberts and his wife.

Elder John Wingfield - December 1998

Elder Claude Hand & family - June 1999

Elder Jerry Farmer and family.

Elders John Lee Smith, H. M. Haygood and their wives.

Elder W. W. Hudson and wife.

Elder Curry King & wife - Bush Arbor Church.

Salisbury Association at Salisbury church

Elder Philander Hartwell's Grave Marker

Elder George Ruston's grave marker.

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