Some of these articles are elsewhere on this site.  I just thought it profitable to put them together since they have the same theme of the History of the Church.  TRUTH doesn't change, and what was truth for these men and in these articles is still the same for us today.  Teachings of men change with the times, but THE TRUTH of God's Word does not. – TA

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  1. Anti-Christian Institutions   Are Sunday Schools, Theological Schools, etc. scriptural? you just might be surprised by the answer. This is an excellent supplement to the Black Rock Address. By Elder Beebe
  2. Articles of Faith   Elder Berry's overview of the 1689 Baptist Confession
  3. Black Rock Address   September 28, 1832
  4. Cloud of Witnesses   Quotes from Old School Men
  5. Golden Age of Predestinarian Old School Baptists   A short history note from Stanley Phillips. (Added: 1/22/09)
  6. Kings and Prophets of the Divided Kingdom   A (pdf) chart that outlines the years of the Prophets and what King was in charge (Added: 6/14/11)
  7. Old School Defined   What do we mean by the term "Old School Baptist?" Elder Gilbert Beebe gives a wonderful explanation in this article!
  8. Religious Down-Grade In Western Civilization   Stanley Phillips (Added: 12/18/08)
  9. The Fort Parker Massacre   A brief account of a tragic bit of history that should not be forgotten.
  10. The History of the Ancient Vallenses and Albigenses  By George Stanley Faber. This treatise refutes the false claims against these two groups put out by the Roman Catholic church. Written in April, 1838.
  11. The Theological Foundation of the Modern Missionary Movement   By Gery Schmidt
  12. The Waldenses   Sketches of Church History from Jones
  13. The Waldenses of To-day   Taken from “The Atlantic Monthly” November 1879

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  1. Elder David Bartley
  2. Elder D.W. Patman   Written by Elder F. M. McElroy 1884 (Added: 4/15/2016)
  3. Elder Gilbert Beebe   This is a short biography of Elder Beebe with quotes from some of his writings.
  4. Elder John Leland
  5. Elder John Leland   Agreement between Elder John Leland and James Madison Commemorated by J.D.W.
  6. Events In The Life Of John Leland: Written By Himself     (Added: 9/21/10)
  7. Further Sketches Of The Life Of John Leland     (Added: 9/21/10)
  8. Elder Wilson Thompson   A very condensed version.
  9. Elder Wilson Thompson Autobiography   (This is the complete autobiography.)
  10. Experience of: Elder E.J. Lambert   From “Tried In The Furnace.”
  11. Experience of: Elder P.D. Gold   Originally published about 1895. (Added: 4/27/11)
  12. Experience of: Joseph Hart   By Joseph Hart
  13. Experience of: Elder Richard Henslee   Originally published in the SIGNS in 1857. (Added: 4/27/11)
  14. Experience of: Elder J.W. McLanahan   Signs of the Times - Volume 70, No. 4 - February 15, 1902 (Added: 5/6/11)
  15. Experience of: D.W. Patman   March 27, 1870   (Added: 11/8/09)
  16. Experience of: Elder T.M. Poulson   Signs of the Times - Volume 70, No. 4 - February 15, 1902 (Added: 5/6/11)
  17. Experience of: Elder W. L. Rogers   Signs of the Times - Volume 70, No. 5 - March 1, 1902 (Added: 5/11/11)
  18. Experience of: Elder Joseph L. Staton   Republished - 1984. (Added: 4/27/11)
  19. Experience of: Elder William Welborn   The Gospel Messenger - 1887

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The entries below that are from the ‘Signs of the Times’ are not here as an endorsement. They very well could be sound in doctrine and order but because I have not been there nor do I personally know anyone who attends there, I cannot in good conscience endorse them. They are here for information and their historic value. I do not agree with the term the “SIGNS” churches because each body is autonomous amongst itself. – Tom

  1. Dry Creek Baptist Church .... Located in Trigg County, Kentucky. A brief history of the assembly there.
  2. Brief History of Welsh Tract Church – Written by Elder B. F. Coulter in 1903
  3. History of the Welsh Tract Church – A more in-depth overview of the history of this assembly - Put together by Spangler.   Added: 5/18/08
  4. Records of the Welsh Tract Baptist Meeting 1701-1828   This is a little booklet initially published in 1904 that has been reformatted in pdf format. (Added: 1/26/17) NEW!
  5. Little Hope Primitive Baptist   Elliston, VA   –   Signs – October 1988
  6. Pigg River Church .... Franklin County, Virginia

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