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The images below were shared with me and I thought I would share them on the site so that you might be able to put a face to a name. If you click on an image it will open up a larger image in a new window. In Some of the images the people are not known, so if you know who is in an image that doesn’t have a description please email me that information. - Tom

John Peters from Centralia, WA - Son of Elder Peters.

Elders Griffin & Spangler

Salisbury, October 1956
Elders: Ayers, Bellows, Bennett,
Croker, Denson, Jones, Lambert,
Ruston, Slausen, Taylor, Weaver, Wood, Bro. Warren.

Welsh Tract after meeting.

Outside Welsh Tract, 2001 - The ordination of Salvador Borras.

Elder Stewart McColl, Viola McColl, Peggy Poole, Elder Jim Poole.

Elder John Lee Smith and Delma Smith

Elders Marvin Fulton and Jim Poole - October 1997

Elder Marvin Fulton and his wife Dora - October 1997

Elder Marion Roberts and his wife.

Elder John Wingfield - December 1998

Elder Claude Hand & family - June 1999

Elder Jerry Farmer and family.

Elders John Lee Smith, H. M. Haygood and their wives.

Elder W. W. Hudson and wife.

Elder Curry King & wife - Bush Arbor Church.

Salisbury Association at Salisbury church


Elder Philander Hartwell's Grave Marker

Elder George Ruston's grave marker.