Dear Reader,

Thank you visiting the site. By God’s decree and plan I will be without a job as of October 18, 2021. My job has made it mandatory for it’s employees to take the “jab”. The Lord impressed upon me right from the start to not take the jab. Thus, He has also impressed upon me not to submit to their mandate and by God‘s grace I have complete support from my wife. I have my reasons and am willing to “discuss” them with anyone who might have a question. I will not attempt to persuade anyone who emails me with a question or comment. I will simply state what the Lord has shown me and convinced me of. Just so you know, I will not argue and because of that I will not respond if I detect an attempt to persuade me one way or the other.

Back in April 2021 I posted that, Lord willing, I was going to convert the site to a USB and make it available to those that were interested. The first part of July I had the USB ready to go and sent out emails to everyone that had contacted me with an interest in the USB letting them know that it was now available. Thank you to all those that made inquiries and have purchased the USB. Unfortunately, because of me being forced into early retirement I can’t guarantee that I will still be living in the same place. Therefore I regrettably must end the availability of the site on USB. I am extremely sorry and feel bad to those that initially contacted me but for some reason or another did not continue to pursue it if they thought they had plenty of time. The last thing I would want is for someone to contact me, send me the amount for the USB and shipping and I never receive it because I had to move all of the sudden!

Below is my initial post about the site, the reason it was removed and converting it to a USB if anyone is interested. Click on the green bar and the contents will open up below it.

In hope,
Tom Adams
September 2021

P.S., The URL will need to be refinanced in April of 2022. If things keep going the way they are currently I don‘t expect to have the funds to keep it going.

I have been on the same “free” server (a platform that holds all of the pages for the web-site) for I believe at least five years with no issues. I purchased the website address (url) “” because I felt it was beneficial to have it for you the reader. But, I have never felt the need to purchase the space to hold the web-site because I believed that if the Lord wanted it available to others then He would provide. And He has provided so far until now. I can only think that there must be a reason He has removed it now.

A couple weeks ago I had an update to perform to the site. While I was in the process of uploading that update I was all of the sudden suspended. At first I just figured that it was because of uploading too much at a time. I started a “Support Ticket” asking what happened and explained what I was doing*. Long story, short – they eventually completely kicked me off. At that point I asked if I could at least access the site to remove the content but they stated they would not let me because they needed to keep it for sixty days to have as a reference to make sure I don’t attempt to upload the same content on another free server.

I realize that since it is a free server, they have a right to limit the content of what they allow. That is not what I am upset about. What is frustrating to me is that when looking at their restrictions, there is absolutely nothing about religious content but there is something about “hate speech”. That is the only thing I can think that it might be because, unfortunately by today’s standards the content on “A Sweet Savor” is considered hate speech by the majority of the world.

So, because of all this, I have converted the old site to a flash drive or USB. What I mean by that is that it will run completely off-line and on a local computer through the USB. So there is no need for any internet connection. It is available to purchase.

What you will get, if you purchase the USB, will be:

  1. Just a little over 3,500 single writings which include:
    • All of the writings from Elder Gilbert Beebe’s 7 volumes of Editorials with several more by him.
    • All of the writings from Elder Samuel Trott’s 2 volumes and many more.
    • The three books from Elder Wilson Thompson along with several other writings by him.
    • All of the writings from Elder J.F. Johnson’s 2 volumes.
    • “The Contest” by Elder William Smoot along with many more of his writings.
    • Several books by Elder David Bartley along with many more of his writings.
    • Elder Parker’s “View on the Two Seeds”.
    • All of the writings from Elder E.J. Lambert from his book entitled “Tried in the Furnace”.
    • All 469 writings from Elder Chet Dirkes which includes his “What’s In A Name” series from the “Banner Of Hope”.
    • All 122 writings from Elder James Poole.
    • Plus MANY more Elders and other Penmen.
  2. All of the mp3 messages from both Elder Chet Dirkes and Elder James Poole.
  3. Most of the volumes of the Signs of the Times in separate numbers for ease of use.
  4. The KJV Bible along with the 1587 Geneva Bible – both of which were put in paragraph format.
  5. The 7 Volumes of Beebe’s Editorials in separate pdf’s as complete books.

If you have any questions or would like to show your interest in purchasing a USB of the site, please email me at:

In hope,
Tom Adams
April 30, 2021

* Click Here for a pdf copy of the complete Support Ticket for anyone that might be interested.

** These are all the elder’s and other Penmen included: Adams, T.F.; Adams, Tom; Bartley, David; Barton, Thomas; Beebe, Gilbert; Beebe, William; Beeman, J.F.; Coulter, B.F.; Curry, H.C.; Dirkes, Chet; Dodson, R.L.; Dudley, Thomas; Johnson, J.F.; Kay, John; Keene, Frederick; Ker, H.C.; Lambert, E.J.; Lefferts, H.c.; Leland, John; Mattingly, David; McClanahan, J.W.; Newkirk, I.N.; Parker, Daniel; Patman, D.W.; Philo Logos; Poole, James; Purington, Joseph; Purington, William; Rittenhouse, E.; Smoot, William; Thompson, Wilson; Trott, Samuel; W;, West, Hezekiah