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My wife and I live in a state that has no Old School Baptist assemblies nor are there any in the surrounding states. Because of that, some elders have been kind enough to send us tapes of their messages to listen to. They have been a tremendous encouragement to us! Because of that I would like to share them with you. The Lord has enabled me to convert the messages which come on audio cassettes to MP3 format onto my computer. What that means is that I have been able to get about 50 messages on one CD. You can play MP3's on your computer. You can also play them on the newer DVD players. And some of the newer CD players will also play MP3 formatted discs. The new DVD players will hook up to most stereo's and therefore you can play them through the DVD player and have it come out on your stereo speakers.

What I would like to do is to offer this CD at no charge to anyone who is in like circumstances as us, or has an assembly, but doesn’t meet on every Sunday and would like this as a supplement. My desire is for it to be a blessing and edifying to the body of Christ! Again, there is no charge for this CD. If you can afford a dollar for shipping and handling, that would be appreciated, but NOT a necessity!! Please email me with your requests and please limit it to 1 CD. Once you get it, you can make as many copies as you want. I do ask though that if you make copies, that you do not charge for them!

Another option, but not free, is getting a copy of ALL of the “AUDIO” messages that are on the site on a USB flash drive. All of the messages that Elder Poole was enabled to give will fit on a 16 GB flash drive and the same for the messages from Elder Dirkes. Or combined they will fit on a 32 GB flash drive. I believe that I can offer the 16 GB flash drive for twelve dollars ($12.00) which includes shipping and handling (inside the U.S.) and the 32 GB thumb drive would be eighteen dollars ($18.00). The nice thing about the thumb drive is that the messages will be organized by the book that they are from. If you are interested please click on the “Contact Me” link to let me know and please select Messages on USB for the subject. Thank you! – Tom 3/22/16

P.S., My apologies but due to a couple of people ordering items, receiving the product and not paying, I must insist on receiving payment in advance before sending out any of the USB’s. I am not making any money with this endeavor, I only am charging what it cost me to purchase the USB flash drive and shipping.

Please note: Please DO NOT post any of these messages on the internet unless granted permission by the Elder.

Please select “CD Request” in the ‘Subject’ field of the form when requesting a CD. And don't forget your address.

Below is a list of the Elders on the CD. Here is what the initials stand for, so that there are no misunderstandings.

ecd = Elder Chet Dirkes - Delaware
ejp = Elder James Poole - Maryland
erl = Elder Robert Lackey - Maryland
eml = Elder Marvin Fulton - South Point, Ohio
ejn = Elder John Napier - South Point, Ohio
ebl = Elder Bob Lyliston - Texas
shc = Snow Hill Church
wtc = Welsh Tract Church