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A Sweet Savor – Disclaimer

Hello! My name is Tom Adams. May your time here be a blessing as well as edifying! I am so glad that by God’s providence you have come across this web site. It is a privilege, pleasure and a joy to have been somewhat enabled to put this site together. Before you read anything else, please read this:

ALL of the articles on this site are important and are here for proclaiming the truth and their historical value, but they by no means are meant to take the place of the Holy Spirit and Scripture!!! Scripture is the inherent WORD of God and the Holy Spirit is the only true teacher. Please do as Scripture exhorts and test or try all things no matter who wrote it!

MOST of the articles on this site were typed out or scanned and checked by me. But I have gotten some of them from other sources. As you are given to read through them, you will probably notice that some of them do not have any words emphasized by italics, being underlined or made bold while others do. Some were originally written that way but some were not. My intent and hope is to keep to the integrity of the original letter. So, if I suspect that where I got the article from has taken liberties in emphasis that was not in the original document, then I felt that it was better going back to no emphasis and letting the Spirit do the emphasizing with what He wants, rather than trusting another man’s emphasis.

Let me give you an example of what I mean: “The Circular Letter on ‘Christian Warfare’ by Thomas Dudley.” I have had a copy of this writing for quite a while now. But then I was given a copy of the original which was published in the Signs (Volume 17, No. 20 - October 15, 1849), and I am appalled and downright ticked-off at the lack of concern to keep it original or the possible deceitfulness of whomever I got my copy from. As I was going through it I noticed numerous things:

So, needless to say, the copy that is on this site now is as it was originally published in the Signs.

That is not to say that I have not taken some editorial liberty. I have added in the word “Elder” on some of the writings at the end of the letter when I make mention of who it was written by and where I took the writing from. In most cases that reference is not in the original.

I also want to mention that I welcome any comments and/or questions. But I ask that if a question is posed or a comment made that you set aside the traditions of men and the question or comment be kept strictly to what Scripture has to say. By that, I mean that if you pose a question or share your thoughts that you please don’t send me a 45 page diatribe of what this elder has to say or that elder has to say about the topic. Share what the Lord has given you to believe and back it up with Scripture.

Tom Adams,
December 2013.