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ELDER BEEBE: I have some time since (see Signs of the Times Vol. 2, Pages 1, 19, and 37,) called your attention to the subject of the Church of Christ uniting with the world, and endeavored to shew by scriptural testimony that it is in direct violation of the commandments of God, as set forth in his word from beginning to end. In a worldly sense, this is an age of invention, discovery and improvement; and many are disposed to apply the same principles to religious matters. They in effect say that times have altered and the rule of faith and practice laid down in the bible does not meet the exigencies of the present day; as though the Lord did not forsee all that would be requisite for the promotion of his cause; consequently has not give a whole rule to govern his chosen people – forgetting that He is the same yesterday, to-day and forever – that with him it is one eternal now – that one day is as a thousand years – that time is ever present with him – viewing him as a mere creature like themselves. Hence the inventions and improvement to promote the cause; the effect of which is to produce such sentiments as expressed by the Rev. Mr. Foote, a celebrated revivalist, who says, “I should not think I did any thing for God unless I converted 2,000 or 2,5000 in a year!!”

God has given his law and requires obedience to it, as it is, and says, “to obey is better than sacrifice;” but men in all ages, according to the exercise of carnal reason, have been devising a better and continually improving upon it. I would ask what must be the inevitable consequence to any of his chosen ones who are found disobeying his commands, marrying and giving in marriage with these Canaanites; but trouble, affliction and sorrow – this has ever been the fate of such as have transgressed his holy commands. Look at all the testimony on record and there will be found no case where God has not manifested his displeasure with those who have been guilty of disobeying his commands. Paul was apprehensive of the saints falling into similar errors; see 2 Cor. xi. 3,4,13,14,15.

Now I wold entreat all such as believes himself to be a child of grace, who feels disposed to unite with any worldly institution, to examine God’s code of laws for authority to do so; and if none is to be found there, to ponder well before he wounds the cause by disobedience, notwithstanding the apparent good that may result from such benevolence. It appears to be the prevailing opinion at this day that the end justifies the means, and many see no objection to violating God’s express commands to benefit mankind, or in letting sin abound that grace may the more abound. They lay plans to obtain money won by horse racing or any other species of immorality, will solicit and receive money from any source for the Lord’s treasury.

By one of their late schemes we find them saying, “The enterprising and liberal publishers of the comprehensive commentary have entered into an obligation to pay into the funds of the Amer. Baptist Home Mission Society, one dollar for every set of their own edition of the work which shall be sold; an engagement liberal in the extreme on any supposition, but the liberality of which is greatly enhanced by the fact, that those gentlemen themselves are Pedo Baptists! Now the question is, how large a number of dollars are Baptists willing should be paid by these Pedo Baptists into the funds of the Bap. H. M. Society?” The answer (by such Baptists) is as much as they can procure; for if they can get hold of the money, from whom, or in what manner is of no consequence, as long as it is applied to so good a purpose.

June 13, 1835

Signs of the Times
Volume 3, No. 14
July 9, 1835