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BROTHER BEEBE: – How can you express a doubt that the new measures, of the present day are of the Lord, when Mr. Crosby and other friends, who are so well acquainted with them, furnish such abundant proofs of the fact! such as revivals and large numbers added to the church, and its general prosperity?That such results are conclusive testimony that they find favor in the sight of God, we have the corroborative testimony of Catholic Bishop Edward Fenwick, of Cincinnati, Principle agent of the Pope in that region. He says in a recent letter to Europe, “You will see too, how much God is disposed to favor the work of Missions among the Indians, as he has so ordered it that the Government of the U.S., manifests unusual favor towards the exertions which pious souls of the Austrian Empire are making for the propigation of the faith.” After speaking of a grant of money by the U.S. he says, “In this unusual grant of money by the U.S. Government, we behold the triumph of truth! and our hope is increased of seeing the holy gospel take deeper and deeper root.” And speaking of the Indians he says, “They have steadfastly resisted all the efforts of the Protestants to proselyte them, and retain almost universally such favorable impressions of our holy religion, that one is tempted to say, these men of nature feel, by a kind of instinct, where the true christianity is to be found.” The Vicar General who accompanied two Indian youths, and who had been instructed at Cincinnati, to be educated as Priests, informs us “that the College for youth founded at Cincinnati, is already in full operation, and a Seminary for educating Priests, is being erected there.” They may well say Lord n thy name have we done many wonderful works.

Feb’y, 15,

Signs of the Times
Volume 2, No. 7,
March 5, 1834