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ELDER BEEBE: – A number of pious members of the B______ church, have recently framed a society for promoting the cause of their Master. They have associated with them a company of theatrical performers of eminent talents in tragedy and comedy. By means of subscriptions and donations they have already obtained funds sufficient to purchase a building eligibly situated salary for their professional services; and after paying all requisite expenses, the nett proceeds to be appropriated to sending the gospel to the heathen. The officers of the society are a president, vice-president, secretary, corresponding secretary, and treasurer, a finance committee, and a committee of stage managers. A certain class of religious professors are clated with the plan, and have high hopes of its success, because it removes all scruples of such as cannot conscientiously patronise a theatre devoted to worldly interests only. Some may object, on the ground that amalgamates the church and world; but let such bear in mind that the end sanctifies the means, and that there can be no tenable objection to applying the profits of “any immoral amusements” to promote so worthy an object; taking the money of the wicked to rescue perishing heathen from eternal ruin. Indeed it is the principle of all benevolent institutions of the present day, professing to have the furtherance of God’s cause in view.


P.S. The above is an imaginary case, but there are many instances approximating very close to it. You may make such use of it as you think best.

Nov. 22, 1841.

Signs of the Times.
Volume 9, No. 24.
December 15, 1841.