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ELDER BEEBE: – Has a professed disciple of Christ a right to join a worldly Temperance Society? I am clearly of opinion that he has not, because he thereby dishonors his profession, and distrusts God in his purpose to sustain him in that profession. When he publicly joined the society of God’s children, he pledged himself to abide by the constitution of that society, as found in the New Testament, which enjoins temperance in all things, (not confined to alcoholic drink) and if this pledge is insufficient to keep him in the line of his duty, still he can find no authority for resorting to humanly devised schemes. We know that the world is much given to profanity, as well as drunkenness. Might not a professor with equal propriety join an anti-swearing society, signing a pledge not to take the name of God in vain? or an anti-thieving society, pledging himself not to steal? With some, an anti-cheating society might be beneficial, requiring a pledge from its members not to take advantage of, or defraud their fellow men. There is so well founded objection to non-professors, associating themselves together to discountenance any sinful practice, but God’s word denies to his people the privilege of amalgamating with them. Christ says, that his kingdom is not of this world, and commands his followers to be separate from it; and James says, that even the friendship of the world is enmity with God; and yet there are professed disciples of Christ who have no conscientious scruples in uniting themselves with the most abandoned and profligate of the human race in society connexion; character being no consideration, money the main object.


Signs of the Times
Volume 10, No. 5.
March 1, 1842