Thank you for your comments!! I extremely appreciate any and all that I receive. If you are requesting a response, please make sure that you don’t have outside emails blocked and please double check that your email is correct. I can’t send a response to an invalid email. Also please note that this is a generic form and does not link to any articles that are on the site. If you have a question about a specific article, please specify. Thank you again!

I am willing to discuss ANYTHING that the Lord has put on your heart. But I ask that if a question is posed or a comment made that you set aside the traditions of men and the question or comment be kept STRICTLY to what Scripture has to say. By that, I mean that if you pose a question or share your thoughts that you please don’t send me a 45 page diatribe of what this elder has to say or that elder has to say about the topic. Share what the Lord has given YOU to believe and back it up with Scripture. – Tom

Vancouver, US
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